Thursday, April 10, 2008

idle theory

i encountered this article some time ago and bookmarked it because it enchanted me. really enchanted me. here it is to share,
i suppose, to those of you who may find tis blog, it is common knowledge that "primitive", or, "free" human beings easily complete all necessary "work" to meet their needs in approximately 6/day. most of the time. i'm a huge fan of the six hour work day! i am also one of those people who suffers terribly in the winter time from depression and apathy. were i simply permitted to act naturally, i promise you i would spend the winter sleeping, screwing, and living off fat reserves and preservatives. doubtless, much of the appeal that idle theory has for me is that it rejects the Protestant Work Ethic, which, with industrialization, is largely accountable for most of the woe that i experience all too regularly--not only in the winter. anyways, if you are not already familiar wit this article, i hope that you enjoy it as much as i have!

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